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Our professional development sessions are designed using our MASTER theory of action. The acronym stand for Making Academics Social, Transformative, Engaging and Rigorous. Here is a list of our most popular offerings:

  • Math is Emotional: Addressing the Social Emotional needs of Teachers and Students

  • Equity in Equations: Math Pedagogy for 21st Century Learners

  • Ethnomathematics: Culturally Responsive Math Instruction

  • Doing the Math to Teach the Math: Formative Assessment and Data-informed Instruction

  • Courageous Conversations about Math

  • Trauma-informed Math Instruction

  • Hybrid Math Instruction: Strategies for Closing Gaps Due to Reduced Learning

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With the transitions and uncertainty of the past two years, and the need to meet the emotional needs of students while addressing unfinished learning, virtually every teacher is once again a new teacher. Districts are increasingly relying on skilled instructional coaches to prepare teachers through an aligned approach to professional learning, instructional practice and deep reflection.

STEMULATE SOLUTION’S Instructional Coaching model is a program of on-demand, on-the-job coaching for math and science teachers by well-trained former teachers and industry practitioners. Based on our proven "Master Coaching" model, it prepares new and veteran teachers alike to help students meet higher, more rigorous standards by using research-based tools and methods for assessing, responding to, and advancing teaching practice—resulting in improved student achievement across the board.


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In today’s accountability environment, public school districts face an imperative to achieve concrete performance goals related to student achievement while balancing the social and political forces impacting students and teachers. In order to accomplish these goals a district – its culture, structure and systems, resources, stakeholders, and environment – must be managed in a way that is coherent within the institution’s strategic plan.


Leaders who have tried to implement a district-wide strategy for improving the achievement of all students know how difficult it is to achieve this coherence. We use research-based frameworks and protocols designed to help district leaders identify the key elements that support a district-wide improvement strategy, bringing those elements into a coherent relationship while having courageous conversations to get to the heart of matters.

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MASTERStudent Math Program

The MASTERStudent™ Math Program (MMP) trains students on how to think, behave and become ‘A’ students. The program is based on 10 years of research, analyzing student feedback about their ‘best practices’ that propelled them to get accepted to top colleges and universities. The MMP develops mindsets, organizational skills and work habits that make learning deeper and more personal for students. Our underserved and underrepresented students need additional scaffolds, support and tools to increase self-esteem and sharpen skills that allow them to compete with peers who historically have had greater access to resources and opportunities.


Our interactive math game format trains students to improve their current academic grade in math and to increase their scores on standardized tests. It was created to increase rigor and excitement through coaching, collaboration and competition. It promotes student leadership and enhances the development of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.


Algebra Readiness/Credit Recovery Program

We understand that Algebra is the main gatekeeper between our students and college and career success.  It’s imperative that our students have a strong foundation in Algebra, and a healthy relationship and self-image connected to the subject. The readiness/recovery program is designed to help students achieve success in preparation for algebra, in passing a credit recovery course, and as preparation for higher levels of math in high school or community college. The program features our 80/20 Education MethodTM and culturally affirming pedagogy and content to build confidence, persistence and a mathematical mindset.


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MASTERParent Training Program

This program consists of four parent training sessions that focus on how parents, guardians and caretakers can support students in mathematics during and post pandemic.  It provides strategies, protocols and mindsets that empower them to support their students and partner with teachers to ensure a connection between home and school. It also supports and bolsters the school’s parent engagement program.

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“We are Creating the Prescription for Equity in Teaching & Learning.”

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