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We understand a strong foundation in Math is key to achieving college admissions and accessing STEM careers. That's why STEMULATE SOLUTIONS has embarked on a mission to promote and develop the love of Math as the foundation for student success in the STEM/STEAM fields and increase engagement and impact especially for students of color.

Our goal is to provide culturally relevant teaching that recognizes students’ backgrounds and relates content to students’ own cultural contexts and transform students and teachers relationship with Math from fear to fun.

Why We Do It:

Currently there exists a national narrative that students of color are not good at math or science.  This narrative is further reinforced by the standardized test scores that amplify this story. 


The other side of the story that is not told is the vast number of teachers who hold low expectations of students, the number of novice and substitute teachers who do not provide engaging and rigorous learning experiences for students, and those students with STEM talents who are not supported and challenged.

Being a Black man with a Math degree, I have navigated these systemic traps and barriers and I know what it takes for our students to do it as well.




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