Digging for tech “gold” in the Scrap-heap


Many times, all that is needed is a trip to the scrap heap to find many opportunities for learning and further exploration of STEM subjects like Computer Science and programming. Whenever you need to find ways to excite young learners, you do not need to rely on expensive pre-prepared lessons and kits, just take a look at your local scrap-heap (using proper security measures) for inspiration! Continue reading

STEMulate Learning HPC turns 40!

STEMulate Lab-40 YearsIcon

After almost 2 years, the crowd-funded STEMulate Learning Lab has provided more than 40 years worth of combined CPU power to solving global needs like the search for cures for diseases and parasitic infections, as well as into the exploration of new resources for power and fresh water! Continue reading

STEMulate Learning HPC Turns 21!


The STEMulate Learning supercomputing node reaches 21 years of combined CPU power towards the World Community Grid, serving as an educational example every week by tweeting its progress towards solutions for globally critical issues of disease control and resource availability. This crowd-funded project is starting to spin off new projects for students in turn as we build Raspberry Pi clusters for classroom use! Continue reading

STEMulateOrg’s WCG – 14 Years Since January!

STEMulate Learning Lab's 14 years of CPU contributed to global projects

STEMulate Learning’s “World Community Grid” participation will soon reach its 14th year of CPU power donated to humanitarian projects addressing global issues such as diseases, power and water resources. The high-performance computing node was crowd-funded in Round 1 of the #SciFund Challenge and went online in January of this year! Continue reading

Project HiPAAC: Scrap-Heap Supercomputing Reborn

Conceptual rendering of our STEMulate Learning Lab Icon

My early “Scrap-heap Supercomputing” workshops gave rise to the “High-Performance Affordable Academic Computing (HiPAAC)” model for education and research, leveraging in-place and surplus computers for HPC and visualization studies. Continue reading

STEMulateOrg’s World Community Grid Update – May 2012

Graphic representing STEMulateOrg's World Community Grid donated time as of May 20, 2012

STEMulate Learning’s computing nodes have donated more than 1 year and 39 days of combined CPU time to date towards the World Community Grid’s humanitarian projects. Follow our progress and join the team to apply your idle computing power towards matters of global concern! Continue reading

STEMulate Learning Continues past #SciFund Challenge

The original #SciFund Challenge provided the STEMulate Learning project with equipment that is currently supporting the World Community Grid (WCG), working on globally impacting issues such as disease treatments, fresh water resources, and clean energy technologies. STEMulate Learning workshops have … Continue reading

Why build STEMulate Learning Labs?

I am trying to eliminate the bureaucracy and put all donated monies towards equipment children will have available in their schools, so that they can directly use the project’s results rather than only read about or see them from afar. … Continue reading

STEMulate Learning and the World Community Grid

The STEMulate Learning project http://bit.ly/vkJGQNcame from very successful workshops I called “Scrap-Heap Supercomputing” (images: http://bit.ly/qJr1rF). These generated a lot of student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects around three components: 1) Supercomputing power from combining PCs 2) Multi-screen visualization systems … Continue reading