“Exploring The Depths with OpenROV” #SciFund Challenge Video

#SciFund Challenge 4 Project Video Icon

Our crowd-funding project for the #SciFund Challenge 2014 is to add an OpenROV robot to our summer ROV program. This is the introductory video for our project and links to our project social media. Continue reading

Building ROV Video Monitors from Car Parts


Our participants are building SeaPerch ROV video monitors from inexpensive car components and looking forward to our #SciFund Challenge crowd-funding effort to obtain a deeper-water ROV and camera for this Summer’s programs. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi brings back memories of the ZX81

Timex Sinclair ZX81 Computer

The Raspberry Pi computer reminds me of the Timex Sinclair ZX81 that let me build my own computer, and will enable today’s learners to step forward towards the next 30 years in turn! both are products seen first in the UK and enjoy many similarities, although the 30 years between also provide some extraordinary steps forward! Continue reading

#SciFund Round 2 Video

The #SciFund round 2 project graphic showing the STEMulate Learning text logo atop a 3D printed 6-legged robot.

The project video for STEMulate Learning’s entry into the #SciFund Challenge – Round 2 on the RocketHub Crowdfunding site has been uloaded to YouTube! Continue reading

#SciFund Challenge Round 1 Video of the STEMulate Learning Lab!

We will be up on RocketHub starting in November, with the #SciFund Challenge running through December 15th. Check out our progress towards our goal at: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3814-stemulate-learning