SOLID Learning Electronics – Microcontroller Options

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Arduinos have been selected by educators as the standard microcontroller for SOLID Learning designs due to the support community, availability, cost and ease of use. Arduinos will be supported by Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Linux cards for special purposes. Continue reading

What will the money be spent on? – UPDATED!

A small 3D printed robot figure from My Robot Nation holds up a coin (an American quarter).

What will your gifts be spent on? These are the costs for STEMulate Learning’s entry in the 2012 #SciFund Challenge through the RocketHub crowdfunding site. Continue reading

Thanks for the RocketHub Fuel!

Thank you all for your support and fuel for this project! Keli Vanderville,Calvin Libby and Hope Rafferty I know that I have already spoken with you in person. To my more remote fuelers – Indrek Mesi, Vladimir Vukicevic andJonathan Brier – I truly value your selfless contributions to … Continue reading

Thank you, Vladimir Vukicevic!

Via – #SciFund Vladimir Vukicevic just Fueled my project, STEMulate Learning, with 20 liters of RocketFuel. Thank you, Vladimir for supporting the #SciFund Challenge and the STEMulate Learning lab!

Thank you, Indrek Mesi!

Via – #SciFund Indrek Mesi just Fueled my project, STEMulate Learning!, with 5 liters of RocketFuel. Thank you, Indrek Mesi for supporting the #SciFund Challenge and the STEMulate Learning lab!