#SciFund – Round 2 is coming soon!

RocketHub Site for #SciFund Round 2

STEMulate Learning will be a participant in the second round of the #SciFund Challenge at the RocketHub crowdfunding site. Continue reading

WCG Continues

The computing node funded in #SciFund Round 1 continues to dedicate its processing power to the World Community Grid, adding its computational power to numerous projects of global interest. The node’s contributions are always visible on the STEMulate Learning twitter … Continue reading

1st Full Day’s Contribution to the World Community Grid

The first node has been running the World Community Grid client for a little over a day now. The node has a single processor with four cores (it can handle four simultaneous projects at once) and switches between projects every … Continue reading

#SciFund Challenge Round 1 Video of the STEMulate Learning Lab!

We will be up on RocketHub starting in November, with the #SciFund Challenge running through December 15th. Check out our progress towards our goal at: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3814-stemulate-learning