ROV Simulators and Pressure Issues

Illuminated OpenROV Model

Our students continue work on their ROV video monitors using small automotive backup safety cameras and security video cameras protected during submergence by pressure vessels each group is creating by hand. One issue that has emerged from the depth tests … Continue reading

Robotic Claws using Arduino

Robotic Claw Icon

Giving robots a hand (or at least a claw) in STEMulate Learning sessions for Boy and Girl Scout merit badges and patches, using Arduino + LEGO RCX 2.0 + creativity = fun and STEM education. Continue reading

RepRap in SOLID Learning

An unadorned RepRap printer in its basic form.

Using one 3D Printer with open source RepRap designs and hardware, more 3D printers can be created for schools and individual classrooms – potentially even extending the SOLID Learning model to the individual student level. Once started, this will allow SOLID Learning to reach every aspect of the educational system. Continue reading