STEMulateOrg’s WCG – 14 Years Since January!

STEMulate Learning Lab's 14 years of CPU contributed to global projects

STEMulate Learning’s “World Community Grid” participation will soon reach its 14th year of CPU power donated to humanitarian projects addressing global issues such as diseases, power and water resources. The high-performance computing node was crowd-funded in Round 1 of the #SciFund Challenge and went online in January of this year! Continue reading

Thank you, Elissa Malcohn!

Thank you, Elissa Malcohn, for believing in the need to educate our children in STEM subjects enough to fuel this project. Once I get the first node funded, know that your contribution will be actively working towards finding cures for … Continue reading

STEMulate Learning and the World Community Grid

The STEMulate Learning project from very successful workshops I called “Scrap-Heap Supercomputing” (images: These generated a lot of student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects around three components: 1) Supercomputing power from combining PCs 2) Multi-screen visualization systems … Continue reading