Test Print from MAKE Magazine

MAKE Rook Test Piece 1

Students during the STEMulate Learning workshop this weekend asked me to test our self-built and modified MendelMax2 RepRap 3D Printer using the stylized Rook print from MAKE Magazine’s annual printer “Shoot Out” Test, with very good results. Continue reading

Centrifuging Liquids DremelFuge Workshop

Centrifuged Samples Icon

Within the STEMulate Learning workshops, several events have been focused on SOLID Learning principles to test and share the potential for 3D Printed materials and tools. The purpose of the SOLID Learning effort has been to develop 3D Printable resources … Continue reading

3D Printable Spool Supports

Old and New Spool Supports Icon

To make the most of our #SciFund crowdfunding support, I printed additional custom supports for less than $1 USD so we can use smaller-diameter lower-cost filament spools than those included with the MakerBot itself. I can now buy spools for $31 USD instead of $48 USD from the printer’s manufacturer, saving a third of the price for a dollar’s worth of effort. Continue reading

Getting a Good Grip In 3D Printing

MakerBot Squeegee And KAPTON Tape Icon

Proper adhesion is vital between 3D printed objects and the build plate. From KAPTON polimide film to more exotic solutions involving solvent and cements, many options exist to assist whether you are using a standard heated build plate or a cold glass alternative. You should be familiar with these and potential dangers associated before cursing your printer for a botched fabrication because the object popped loose halfway through. Continue reading

Tools To Start 3D Printing

Feeler Gauge Icon

Anyone starting out in 3D printing will need a few simple, basic tools to enhance their success with RepRaps, MakerBots and other FDM printers. Most of these are available at local Wal-Mart, Harbor Freight or Hobby Lobby stores and will cost less than $30 USD all together. Continue reading

What will the money be spent on? – UPDATED!

A small 3D printed robot figure from My Robot Nation holds up a coin (an American quarter).

What will your gifts be spent on? These are the costs for STEMulate Learning’s entry in the 2012 #SciFund Challenge through the RocketHub crowdfunding site. Continue reading