Crowd-funding a Mobile Makerspace

STEMulate Learning Icon

In order to reach rural schools and isolated educators, STEMulate Learning will use past crowd-funded equipment together with a few new items to create a Mobile Makerspace. This project will be run through the KickStarter crowd-funding site on the recommendation of several supporters from our past RocketHub efforts. Continue reading

SOLID Learning Robot Components

Makerbot's Robot Mascot Statue

SOLID Learning integrates 3D printed objects into educational settings and the pilot will need electronics, sensors and motors to turn 3D printed frames into movable useful robots. I will examine different components this week and link each here for review. Continue reading

Robotic Claws using Arduino

Robotic Claw Icon

Giving robots a hand (or at least a claw) in STEMulate Learning sessions for Boy and Girl Scout merit badges and patches, using Arduino + LEGO RCX 2.0 + creativity = fun and STEM education. Continue reading

SOLID Learning Competitions

Icons for VEX, BEST and FIRST Robotics Competitions.

Teachers suggested that SOLID Learning robot designs and tasks for Arduino controls fitting common robotics competition standards like VEX, FIRST and BEST would assist teachers limited by the cost of competition kits and enhance student career opportunities after high school. Continue reading

SOLID Learning Elements

A hand-made Arduino clone using stripboard, components and hand soldered joints.

Teachers want SOLID Learning Lessons developed as small Elements for inclusion into existing classes without disruption, and to allow group projects to span multiple classes, grades or even across multiple schools to build interest in the program. Continue reading

SOLID Learning Files

An image of multiple chess pieces grouped as a single print sheet.

SOLID Learning will use .STL stereolithography 3D object files shared through the Thingiverse community web repository to provide access using many types of rapid prototyping reproduction from 3D printers to SLA and commercial services like ShapeWays. Continue reading

RepRap in SOLID Learning

An unadorned RepRap printer in its basic form.

Using one 3D Printer with open source RepRap designs and hardware, more 3D printers can be created for schools and individual classrooms – potentially even extending the SOLID Learning model to the individual student level. Once started, this will allow SOLID Learning to reach every aspect of the educational system. Continue reading

Introduction to SOLID Learning

A reduced-size version of the Solid Learning concept model

Solid Learning involves the integration of 3D Printing into lessons for a personalized, customized individual learning experience determined by educators and reproduced on demand. Continue reading

Why the MakerBot Replicator?

The MakerBot Replicator with examples of its output - car, rabbit, blue and green globe, robot

Why choose the MakerBot Replicator? Beyond being affordable, the Replicators offers much more – Capability, Durability, an incredible body of free to use designs, an existing user community and much more! Continue reading