High-Efficiency Personal Vehicles


Designs from my earlier energy efficiencies and energy recovery systems for personal vehicles. Continue reading

Wing-In-Ground Effect (WIG) “Flying Sub”


My students asked about the prop-less submarine propulsion system, so I explained the origin of its design as a flying submersible for maintenance of the floating power grid. Continue reading

WIG Hovertrain: Innovation Takes Time


I wanted to share my idea for a form of rapid transportation that uses magnets for propulsion and the wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) for suspension above a track. Various “hovertrain” ideas using air suspension have been examined since before I was born, but are still being explored today as well. Continue reading

Solid-State Air Conditioner

Solid-State Air-Conditioner Icon

A zero emissions air conditioner for supplemental heating and cooling in cars and buildings using solid-state Peltier modules and photovoltaic solar panels. Condensate can also be collected for filtration in water-poor regions. Continue reading

Flying Carpet MagLev Alternative

Wing-in-ground-effect levitant high-speed rail vehicle.

The flying carpet is a magnetically-propelled contactless high-speed rail transportation system using wing-in-ground-effect support, modelled after the Hawai’ian Proa outrigger sailing vessel. Continue reading

Biomimetic Propless Submersible Propulsion

Icon for the displacement-propulsion submarine design.

Using a vessel’s buoyancy like a sailplane uses its height to generate forward movement, this system would be more efficient as a submerged vessel can use both positive and negative buoyancy in order to generate continuous forward motion by rising up and then sinking back down in slow gentle cycles. Continue reading