#SciFund Round 3 “Telepathic Cyborg Robots”

Telepathic Cyborg Robots Icon

In Round 3 of the #SciFund Challenge, I will be crowd-funding a neurocomputing headset to expand our preliminary efforts with thought-controlled devices. The preliminary prototypes can only control the speed of a robot or train, but with the Emotiv EPOC headset we will be able to let students take control of complex devices and to identify enhancements for their learning environment itself. This project provides a bridge directly connecting student’s thoughts and dreams to their creations, providing a spur towards STEM interest. Continue reading

Neuroduino Neurofeedback Therapy

NeuroSky's MindWave single-electrode EEG sensor

The Neuroduino is an Arduino-based NeuroSky MindWave neurofeedback therapy video game interface for use with any game for Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s development of focus and concentration Continue reading