A 3D Printing Textbook

As many of you already know, I suffered a Heart Attack and Stroke in May of 2015. so I am losing my wife over the stress of it and I am living in the Texas Hill Country for Rehabilitation. I wrote “3D Printing for Dummies.”

3DP4D Stats

And will now be creating a textbook addressing “3D Printing” in general, with chapters on Disney’s new 3D Printed designs, 3D Printers you can acquire yourself, etc.

Delta 3D Printer

I had excellent participation in the 2015 AggieSTEM program involving 3D Printing:

Students Participating in the 3D Printing AggieSTEM summer camp 3D Printed Design by Students: Evolution 2015 AggieSTEM Summer Camp Designa

I am looking forward to what comes next!

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