AggieSTEM Summer Camp Students on Television

Several of my AggieSTEM Summer Camp classes’ students were selected for interviews by the campus television station (KAMU). Both Devyn and Trevor were in my longer (two week) afternoon classes, while Kevin was in the shorter (one week) morning classes. It is fantastic to see so many of my pre-collegiate students able to present themselves with poise, grace and confidence!


In our courses, we taught the students to use SketchUp and TinkerCAD software learning about 3D Modeling in their Computer-Aided Design courses and then we guided the students to fabricate their designs into solid form using a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer in the 3D Printing courses. I also printed several additional designs using RepRap systems built by my SOLID Learning workshop students and their parents who still live in the area.

USA Rocket Design in SketchUpUSA Rocket Print in Black ABS

We printed as many designs as possible, but many students also took hole examples I had printed out before the classes began, for this very purpose. The Stark Gallery at Texas A&M University’s Memorial Student Center (MSC) will be displaying the results from our classes in an exhibit on the Maker Movement and 3D Printers in specific.

DevynBracletAndCharmsDesign DevynBacelet

Next year, I hope to have more 3D Printers available so that all students can print out multiple designs apiece, allowing time to test different configurations of their 3D Modeling efforts. But the experience this year has been simply amazing!

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