AggieSTEM 3D Printing Summer Camps

Texas A&M University’s AggieSTEM program is conducting multiple STEM summer camps, including subjects such as Robotics, Horticulture, Coding, Multi-media Design, and the two sets of classes I was asked to teach: Computer-Aided Design and 3D Printing, based on my experience in the SOLID Learning educational workshops and in writing the book “3D Printing for Dummies” with Richard Horne (@RichRap). 3D Printing is the focus event that will lead to an exhibit of student created designs in the 1st Annual STEM Art Show at the Stark Gallery and Maker Fair following the conclusion of the 2014 AggieSTEM summer camps.

2014 AggieSTEM Teacher Boot Camp Logo

The summer camp classes included 3-days each week of morning sessions each day with Middle-School/Junior-High and High-School students from the regional schools, as well as afternoon sessions each day with High School students taking part in the extended two-week programs. Our Teacher Boot Camps for educators were conducted at a central location that had been configured to observe each class via an HD audio/video teleconferencing system. The teachers also enjoyed direct training sessions with the STEM instructors during evenings, following the last afternoon sessions.

CADStudyWe have many excited young learners, taking time out of their Summer vacations to study – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts even! Many of our students are also taking part in the SAT preparation classes, to enhance their potential for admission to colleges more suited to these rigorous topics!


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