Diamonds from the World Community Grid

Through the support of our crowd-funded technology and donated equipment, we have been able to participate in the World Community Grid, adding over 52 years of CPU processing power to the search for cures for diseases and parasitic infections, as well as into the exploration of new resources for power and fresh water. Grid computing is a form of high-performance computing (Supercomputing) that involves breaking a major project into smaller chunks that can be distributed across many less-powerful computers to solve individual chunks before combining them all into a larger solution for the whole.

This distributed processing power also allows dedicated HPC systems to perform their wonderful calculations internally, while we are using the World Community Grid to demonstrate publically the capability of using normal desktop computers to accomplish similar results over a longer period of time.

My original “Scrap-heap Supercomputing” workshops have since spawned many alternatives that educators can integrate into their curricula using equipment already near at hand in educational surplus equipment bins.


STEMulate Learning alone has provided more than 52 years worth of combined CPU power, while the team has provided an additional 13 years to this effort, with other computers joining and leaving as our supporters have time and available resources. We were just notified that our contribution includes more than 20 years of CPU time to a particular project: FightAIDS@Home

The World Community Grid service uses different levels to illustrate the level of contribution to each, and 20 years is a “Diamond Level” achievement. We have also provided more than 5 years to two additional projects, along with up to 3+ years towards the other projects as well. The two additional 5+ year support levels were for:

Both of these projects have been supported using only the “spare” computing power of our nodes when they are idle, but provide exceptionally tie-ins to teach about computers, networking, global health issues and many other topics.

Join the team and download the free community-sourced grid computing client here:

Whatever you do, make sure to share the lessons you learn in life with your children and teachers! Every opportunity can add to their lives and there are many excellent programs in your area from Scouts to Makerspaces and public libraries.

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