Spring Break – Time to get Working!

At last, Spring Break has arrived in central Texas – children (my own included) are off from school, travelling with family, and generally joyfully greeting the arrival of the first bright flashes of the Spring’s energy around them. We have all manner of animals poking their noses out of winter hidey-holes and blinking at the bright blue sky! The ice and snow of last week are forgotten in the face of the warming days and nights that soon we will be camping and exploring alternative energy and various nature-related concepts.

We still have several of the flexible solar panels from the Solar Seaweed project, and we will explore ways to use these to recharge small devices as we hike. Two groups will be building thermovoltaic camp stoves that can recharge devices while heating dinner.

Our crowdfunding effort this year did not reach its goal, but the suport was very wonderful and we appreciate all those who tried to assist our ROV efforts. Lacking an OpenROV, we will simply have to do better with the ROV systems we build ourselves this year.

The AggieSTEM program at Texas A&M University has asked me to assist with their 3D printing summer camp, so our workshop participants will get to be guinea pigs to test some designs with me. And, the AggieSTEM group is also interested in the ROV work we have done, so we may be able to assist them there as well over the Summer.

Outdated Computer Scrap

Because everyone is scattering to the winds for this Spring Break, it will be a chance to sort through boxes of parts and debris from past projects to find more jewels for future workshops!

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