Our #SciFund Challenge 2014 Project Has Opened!

As of midnight, STEMulate Learning is taking part in the fourth round of the #SciFund Challenge, seeking crowd-funded support towards expanding our Summer 2014 submersible workshops with an OpenROV submersible robot and underwater video camera.

OpenROV Cover Art Option #4

Our project goals are lower than in previous rounds not because this is a less important project but because our students and teachers have become more successful in their Maker skills, turning basic components from the local hardware store into amazing tools for learning and exploring.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

– Issac Newton

By remaining with open-source designs, like the magnificent Arduino and BeagleBone controller boards or the Sea Perch and OpenROV designs for submerged robots, our inexpensive workshop designs remain accessible to students and teachers around the world. If you are a teacher, student, or private Maker and your designs can help others, please share them using free open services like Thing-I-Verse and Instructables, or share them in person at your local makerspace or school so that others can build from there.

Please share the word about our ongoing #SciFund project and visit us there if you are able, but most importantly – be a change-leader, a “Giant” for the young learners in your community. If we lift them up by sharing our knowledge and ideas, they will glimpse a future still distant and fashion it into existence by their own hand!

Our project will run from February 5th through March 7th, 2014.
Don’t forget to visit us at: http://www.microryza.com/exploringthedepths/

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