Cover Art for our #SciFund Challenge Project

While building our crowd-funding project for the 2014 #SciFund Challenge, we needed to select an image for cover art in the format of Microryza‘s interface. Because we only have Sea Perch designs and do not have access to an OpenROV for photos in open water use, my students located some good images from NASA‘s portfolio from the 2012 Space Apps Challenge. Because there were no open-water images of an OpenROV shared under Creative Commons licensing, I contacted the lead from that event, Jason J. Duley. Mr. Duley is still with NASA and was able to direct me to their photos from that event on the Flickr file-sharing service.

With Mr. Duley’s permission, our students picked out four images to share with the workshop:

Option #1: OpenROV Cover Art Option #1Option #2: OpenROV Cover Art Option #2Option #3: OpenROV Cover Art Option #3Option #4: OpenROV Cover Art Option #4We put up copies of these on the board and gave everyone two adhesive dots, which they could place together on one image or on two separate images if there was a tie for those they thought were best. The image with the most dots by far was Option #4, which displays a GoPro-equipped OpenROV in ocean water with the the Aquarius Sea Base in the background. The group decided this was the best option to demonstrate the advantages of OpenROV over their own pool-bound Sea Perch designs.

Our summer programs will not hinge on the success of our crowd-funding effort, but once we reach the goal of our #SciFund project, we will be able to plan fir deep water elements and Gulf salt-water studies in addition to fresh water surveys of marine plant and animal life around Texas.

The selection for “Exploring the Depths with OpenROV” project Cover Art:

OpenROV Cover Art Option #4Photo courtesy of OpenROV at the NASA NEEMO-16 Space Apps Challenge via Jason J. Duley of and Flickr (SpaceAppsChallenge)

Our crowd-funding project will open on Wednesday, February 5th, and will run for 30 days. I will post ongoing details in later blog posts for the STEMulate Learning program and at the project-specific website:

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