“Exploring The Depths with OpenROV” #SciFund Challenge Video

Our crowd-funding project for the 4th #SciFund Challenge (5 Feb-7 Mar, 2014) is seeking support for an OpenROV robot to add to our summer programs. I just posted the introductory video to our YouTube channel:


Our summer program is currently building MIT’s open-source Sea Perch submersibles, which we also used in 2013 along with other wheeled and tracked terrestrial robotic design. The Sea Perch design works well in shallow protected pools, but deeper open-water operation is beyond their capabilities. The open-source OpenROV design can reach almost 90ft and operates very well in open water, as tested during the NASA “NEEMO-16” event in 2012.

#SciFund Challenge 4 Project Video

The designers of the OpenROV robot and members of the NASA staff involved with NEEMO-16 have been very helpful in preparing this project for its release this Wednesday. If your school does not have a robotics program yet, open-source designs like the Sea Perch and OpenROV are excellent ways to expand your programs without great cost.

I have also created informational sites for this program:

and set up our social media links for the project:

Once we meet our funding goal in the #SciFund Challenge, we will continue to post videos on our YouTube site and research links during the summer program on our usual STEMulate Learning blog and Twitter feeds.

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