Crowd-sourced Project Egg Artwork

Part of the idea behind the STEMulate Learning and SOLID Learning workshops are to encourage young learners to expand their interests and apply what they are learning to other aspects of life around themselves.


I have recently started participating with many others in the creation of the 3D Printed Project Egg sculpture by Dutch designer Michiel van der Kley. The community of designers taking part in this crowd-sourced artistic design are using their own printers to create “stones” that are being connected to form a large egg-shaped final sculpture.

Project Egg Stones Assembled

As an illustration of 3D Printing for our new participants, I have been printing several stones for Project Egg using the Makerbot from our past crowdfunding efforts for STEMulate Learning along with the MendelMax 2 and Rostock Max printers from my latest book “3D Printing for Dummies.”

  • Stone #3612 was designated for “3D Printing for Dummies
  • Stone #3039 was designated for “Kalani Hausman
  • Stone #4435 was designated for “STEMulate Learning
  • Stone #4353 was designated for “SOLID Learning


The various stones are each individually shaped according to the Egg’s final dimensions and will be assembled by the artist when he creates the final sculpture.

Linked sculpture

SOLID Learning workshop participants were involved in selecting the colors and coordinating the print-outs of the “scales” from an earlier PrintToPeer sculpture Linked by artist Jeff de Boer for display at the Calgary Beakerhead festival of art although those were much smaller than the wite-colored Project Egg stones.

Project Egg "stone" creation

Somtimes we must remember that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) also brings a more familiar aspect to drier STEM studies, making the final product more palatable across different genders and socioeconomic backgrounds in our workshops. Take advantage of festivals and other artistic opportunities in your area to alllow your students, Makers and children the chance to display their work for others!

Project Egg on display at TAMU

I took the stones to the Texas A&M Universtiy campus where I was able to start up many conversations about 3D printing and the SOLID Learning effort while taking photos.

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