3D Printing In Cheese Spray

While discussing “fully-configurable” 3D printers you can modify to whatever idea you have, I mentioned “using Cheese-Whiz(tm) as a print medium” and several members of the group started discussing how they would like to use cracker-serving 3D printers for dinner parties and kid’s snacks.

Universal paste extruder parts for a RepRap printer

Not all 3D Printers rely on melted plastic or granular powers fused or bound together using ink-jetted glues. Many variations of 3D Printing using paste and gel extrusion are possible using syringe applicators like the Fab@Home or by using 3D Printable add-ons like the RepRap Universal Paste Extruder created by RichRap and shared through Thingiverse to print in chocolate, sugar paste and even ceramic pastes.

Heart-shaped cheese spray on a cracker

I have not yet seen a variation that used compressed air dispensers like cheese spray cans, but at least the build envelope for a common cracker would be fairly small! Perhaps that could be another project for the STEMulate Learning workshops, as it would be a fun way to talk about additive manufacturing and share a snack!

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