STEM and SPACE in Hawai’i

I was contacted over the holidays by a tremendous proponent for STEM and Makerspaces, located out in Hawai’i – Jerry Isdale. Mr. Isdale works with many students both young and old through the Maui Makers group whose makerspace provides an excellent location for workshops from soldering and Arduinos to creating a laser powered by local fruit found on the island.

Logo for SpaceGAMBIT

Mr. Isdale is also the director of a fantastic effort, SpaceGAMBIT, which is an international effort linking space enthusiasts in makerspaces and Fab Labs around the world. They are working with hackerspaces like Alpha One Labs in New York, the Sustainable Living Lab in Singapore, Xinchejian in Shanghai, and the Community Connected HackerSpace in Melbourne, Australia to work on innovative Advanced Space Systems.

SpaceGAMBIT’s Hackerspace Space Program (HSP) is focusing on three basic areas:

  • Resilience in Space Operations
  • Assured Space Access
  • Stability

By leveraging hackerspace innovative creativity around the world, SpaceGAMBIT is making strong headway in developing STEM interest and innovating technologies to assist in efforts to access and utilize space technologies. We can hope they are very successful in their efforts!

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