Thank you for your support in Round 3 of the #SciFund Challenge!

#SciFund Challenge - Round 3

Thank you for your support in Round #3 of the #SciFund Challenge! Our supporters include individuals like Tom McDonnell, Elisabeth Whyte and Kellin Ulibarri! It is really wonderful to have your support in crowd funding two items to add to the STEMulate Learning and SOLID Learning programs. Elisabeth Whyte has her own project in the #SciFund Challenge, conducting research into computer interventions for adolescents suffering from Autism.

Other supporters like Kellin and Tom are citizen-scientists who see value in my work with young learners and public school educations, trying to encourage STEM interest while students are young enough to develop wholly-new interests for their future studies, college and careers in engineering, medicine, computer science, and electronics. Together with individuals like these, we will test new capabilities using inexpensive readily-available technologies for use in classrooms and educational settings around the world.

Right now, the Telepathic Cyborg Robots project has raised sufficient funds and received offers of support outside of RocketHub sufficient to obtain a MUSE 4-electrode headset from InteraXon even if we fall short of the originally targeted Emotiv EPOC 14-electrode EEG headset. This system will work well in my research into neurocomputing and neurotherapy alternatives for children with Autism-spectrum conditions like ADHD. If we obtain the additional $425 and reach our funding goal, we will still look into the more capable headset but the generosity of my supporters will enable this research to continue and expand beyond the single-electrode headset I have been working with previously.

The Digitize the World project still has $370 to reach its goal as well, but at least one teacher in the program has a first generation Kinect we will use until we are able to fund a higher-resolution scanner, so that we can capture student’s upper bodies and heads to 3D print copies of the students to “drive” their robots!

No matter how the crowd-funding effort turns out in terms of raw numbers, the research will continue and I am warmed by the amazing generosity of my supporters in this round of crowdfunding. Make sure to check the project’s Twitter feed @STEMulateOrg to see the latest from our Round #1 project, which continues running even after a year’s time and has contributed more than 15 years of total CPU power towards humanitarian projects of global importance!

Thank you to all of our supporters from Round #1, Round #2 and Round #3 of this amazing crowd-funding program!

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