Taking Part in Round 3 of the #SciFund Challenge

I have been taking part in the #SciFund Challenge each round since its inception, seeking crowd-funded support for STEMulate Learning‘s workshops and research conducted with my students. Our projects and expenditures using the gifted funds can be examined in my previous post “SciFund Challenge Participation

#SciFund Challenge - Round 3

#SciFund‘s 3rd Round has just begun and STEMulate Learning has put forward two new projects, each very reasonable in terms of crowd-funding goals and both directly serving students and educators taking part in our effort to build interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics for future study or employment.

The two projects combine with prior crowdfunded research from the 2nd Round, where we obtained a 3D Printer able to create custom robot designs as part of the SOLID Learning project.

Project A – Digitize the World

This project intends to raise $380 USD to obtain a basic 3D scanner for capturing models for printing in classrooms taking part in SOLID Learning. If we reach this goal, we will try to reach the capability to scan museum-grade artifacts, which will be openly shared through sites like Thing-i-Verse.

Project BTelepathic Cyborg Robots

This project intends to raise $540 USD to obtain an advanced EEG headset capable of expanding our neurocomputing research, which is currently only capable of allowing students to slow down and speed up robots based on their thoughts. The new equipment will allow full control over the robot’s actions based on mental direction alone.

I will blog more about the crowd-funding efforts as the #SciFund Challenge proceeds. We have only a few weeks to reach our goals and obtain the equipment needed to expand SOLID Learning’s capabilities to excite our young students with the amazing capabilities that STEM learning will make possible as they create the future itself. I can use your help – either in raising funds directly, or though passing along our efforts through word-of-mouth!

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