STEMulateOrg’s WCG – 14 Years Since January!

Created using a computer fueled by crowd funding support in Round 1 of the #SciFund Challenge, STEMulate Learning has been providing donated computing power to the World Community Grid since coming online in January of 2012. The World Community Grid supports humanitarian projects benefitting the world’s population through high performance computing using a grid-computing model, combining spare computing power from otherwise-idle personal computers to create one of the most powerful supercomputing grids in the world.

STEMulate Learning providing the first full year of CPU power to the World Community Grid by May of 2012, due to using a multi-core microprocessor that can work on more than one project at the same time. With added computers joining the team, we reached the second full year of CPU time by the middle of June. Due to continued additions of new computers, STEMulate Learning was able to add three more years of combined processing power (5 years total) by the beginning of July. Now, we are nearing our 14th year of combined contributed computing power. We will reach that goal this month (October, 2012) – as of 02 October, we are at 13 years and 256 days of CPU contributions!

STEMulate Learning's CPU contributions to the World Community Grid as of 2 Oct 2012

Ongoing successes are automatically tweeted every week through @STEMulateOrg for educators to share with their students. This is a tremendously useful example for teaching about modern high-performance and distributed computing, and also provides students, parents and educators an example of individual citizens making a difference in the world through their willingness to provide support to crowd-funded or crowd-sourced opportunities.

The generosity of our supporters in the #SciFund Challenge continues to provide high-performance computing power to global projects such as:

Join the team and download the free community-sourced grid computing client here:

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