Customer Support from SparkFun

This is not provided as an endorsement for SparkFun Electronics nor as a statement against their many fine competitors. It is provided only as a note to our supporters who fueled the crowdfunding effort for SOLID Learning’s pilot program through the #SciFund Challenge.

After Servos were identified as the standard actuator for robotic designs in SOLID Learning’s pilot program, I searched for inexpensive servos through various online suppliers such as SparkFun, Adafruit, RobotShop, etc. I ended up ordering sufficient servos from SparkFun Electronics to make a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive robot in order to test out the electonics while waiting for the Replicator‘s delivery, courtesy of MakerBot’s Educational program (

4-wheel drive mechanum style robotAfter receiving the servos, I tested each and discovered one was frozen and nonfunctional. After testing with a second set of electronics and separate power supply, I contacted the vendor regarding the issue. When I received notice from SparkFun’s customer support staff, they let me know that since I had already performed the steps they would have recommended, they had already ordered a replacement servo of the same model shipped to me as a replacement.

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SparkFun’s handling of the replacement was exceptional and I wanted to pass along this note to our supporters, whose money in part allowed the acquisition of these components for use in our SOLID Learning pilot program’s robots!

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