STEMulateOrg’s WCG Update – June 2012

As I mentioned in May, STEMulateOrg’s World Community Grid participation donated more than 1 year of total CPU power towards humanitarian projects benefitting the world’s population through high performance computing.


Since coming online in January, the grid donated more than 1 year and 39 days of total CPU time across 4 months and 15 days of actual calendar time because the computer fueled by crowdfunding support has multiple CPU cores that combine their processing power towards a number of different projects simultaneously.

STEMulateOrg's WCG project status as of 06-15-2012

In less than a month since that post, we have reached more than 2 years of combined CPU power donated to the World Community Grid due to supporters who have joined the STEMulate Learning team to donate their computer’s unused processing power when it is otherwise sitting idle. This participation is being used by educators to illustrate the value of individual actions, the power of community support, and the potential for distributed high performance computing.

To add your own computer’s support to this effort, you merely need to create a free WCG account, download a free BOINC client and join the STEMulate Learning team. Join the team and create your account here:

STEMulate Learning’s team effort represents the power of citizen-science to make breakthroughs and the potential for crowd-sourced science to impact the globe by combining public support with scientific research in a partnership beyond traditional forms of cloistered research conducted far from the public eye. STEMulate Learning has participated in the #SciFund Challenge for the past two years, which has been held through the RocketHub crowdfunding site, and the results are tweeted every week through @STEMulateOrg for educators to share with their students.

I am thrilled that I am able to report we have already provided more than 2 years of combined CPU power towards humanitarian projects due to crowdfunding support, because this represents your interest in making the world a better place through your own actions. Small personal donations were aggregated to purchase a computer that in turn provides small donations of processing power, that are joined with others to provide the power of a supercomputer towards multiple projects focused on solving problems to benefit humanity conducted by public or nonprofit organizations and contributed to the public domain.

There is no better illustration for students to observe an individual person’s power to directly change the world than this, as students and educators can review the results as they are publically Tweeted every week to show the continued influence our supporters have made possible. As more supporters join our team, I hope that we will soon be able to show students donations of a year’s CPU power every week or two!

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