Shared Interactive Telepresence

Providing a shared interactive learning experience through telepresence, using an omni-environmental platform.

Conceptual Shared Telepresence Platform

Telepresence provides a virtual method of experiencing events at remote or even hostile locations which the operator might be incapable of directly experiencing even if physical proximity were not an issue. Cameras and microphones gather information that is relayed back to one or more persons, allowing them to share in the happenings at almost the same instant the viewing platform experiences them. Controls at the operator’s location may further enhance the telepresence experience by allowing the operator to focus more closely on details of specific interest.

Shared telepresence experiences allow even the boundaries of gender, race, physical mobility or other separating factors to be minimized, providing a rich environment for interactive discovery and exploration of remote, often inaccessible locations. Experts and Educators may also oversee these experiences, drawing specific attention to unusual or important details and offering information to clarify and expand the operator’s discoveries.

A standard telepresence platform, capable of being rapidly equipped for many environments, provides an opportunity to create a distributed shared learning environment, accessible to all regardless of physical limitations and hostility of experienced environment. Educational and Commercial applications of such technology are realizable using current technologies and off-the-shelf equipment.

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