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I have been discussing topic curation for participants and projects taking part in RocketHub‘s 2012 #SciFund Challenge Round 2. In previous posts, I have dicussed curation using Scoop.It and PearlTrees, both of which present data in unique layouts for curation subscribers to rewiew and click for more information.

#SciFund article curation through the Paper.Li online newspaper service

For online subscribers that prefer newspapers to online magazines or clusters of linked pearls, another curation option is Paper.Li. This free utility allows the creation of topical newspapers drawing from RSS feeds, Google keyword searches and manual article entry. Paper.Li can notify subscribers of new editions via email, and will tweet via a linked Twitter account to alert your followers that a new edition has been put out.

Following the newspaper motif, Paper.Li allows you as the curator to move articles around, select feature articles and organize sub-topic pages to suit your personal preferences. Each paper can be individually configured for daily, morning and evening, or weekly editions to suit your curation preferences and the rate of related topical article release.

Because the #SciFund Challenge includes researchers from around the world, media coverage will also be multinational and drawn from many different news services, blogs, video sharing services and research journals. By using Paper.Li, I am able to represent all of the work from our participants located around the globe in a single cohesive interface familiar to newspaper readers. Visitors don’t see only my own work from the STEMulate Learning project, but are provided with a rich display of curated articles spanning all #SciFund projects.

Visit the #SciFund topic on Paper.Li: The #SciFund Daily Monitor, Or take a look at my other curated topic newspapers.

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