Crowdfunding for Science – Partners in Discovery

You might be curious as to what CrowdFunding Science is all about – why are scientists begging for money? Don’t they have jobs already? Why should I care?

Many #SciFund participants are employees at centers of learning, but research allocations are difficult to justify for faculty that lack seniority or for research that is “too cutting edge” or “too out there.” In addition, many #SciFunders are actually reaching far ahead of their peers and starting to perform research while still completing their degrees — a magnificent example of the type of go-getter you want to support!

If you browse through the different projects in the #sciFund Challenge, make sure to watch their videos – it is amazing how many of our researchers are outdoors, in nature, working directly with the people, animals and plants that fill our world. These are not cloistered academicians wearing white lab coats in darkened rooms like alchemists from a distant, darker time when science was secretive, protected from the eyes of common folk, and spoken about only in the darkest tones:

“Now that I, tying thy glass mask tightly,
May gaze thro’ these faint smokes curling whitely…”
– “The Laboratory” by Robert Browning

No! These are scientists whose research brings them out into the world and reveals the faces of their fellow men and women. And it is to these men and women that they now present their enthusiasm for their research, not begging at all, but teaching and sharing wonders that have yet to be seen with those very “common folk” – who are decidedly uncommon!

Supporters of crowdfunded science are most uncommon indeed, for they are people with open minds and open hearts willing to spare a few dollars to support a stranger’s efforts. They are selfless in difficult economic times. They are compassionate in aiding another’s dreams and ideas. They are curious in their desire to join in the process of discovery as “citizen scientists”. \

In fact, they are not “common” at all!

Crowdfunding Science is not about the money – it is an open invitation to those very un-common folk, asking them to join in explorations of creatures large and small, to join in discoveries of new potential for the future, to join in as partners in investigations not held behind hidden doors, but instead brought forth into the full light of day to be shared and enjoyed by all!

Why should you care? Why should anyone care about our ecosystem, the impact of humanity on the world, our energy future, our children’s education, or the many other magnificent projects being offered for your engagement?

Because therein lies the spark of creativity and the beauty of discovery – it is what drove us to explore our world and see what lies beyond the horizon – because curiosity, investigation and working with others is what makes us vibrant and dynamic People, not just “common folk” still living in caves and fearing the dark!

Hand-drawn image of Archimedes using a lever to move the globe

Archimedes said that if he had “a long enough lever, a fulcrum on which to rest it, and a place on which to stand” then he could move the earth. Science is that lever and there are many places on which to rest it – your support is needed to give these scientists that critical place upon which to standtogether as partners, we can move the earth towards a bright and bountiful future!

I hope you will consider crowdfuding science – it costs only $1 if you just want to give a little push to get things started! Read through the projects, watch the videos, meet the scientists inviting you along and then join with them to see what wonders will be revealed!

Join me in supporting my fellow explorers in the #SciFund Challenge at RocketHub!

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