STEMulate Learning Projects Live at #SciFund 2

Both STEMulate Learning entries into the #SciFund Challenge were accepted! Crowdfunding relies on others, so make sure to share the links with anyone who might be interested!


The STEMulate Learning logo atop a 3D printed robot image.

I focused my creativity on the main personalized robotics course as it will directly benefit our kids and our world if they develop an interest in STEM studies and become innovators in a few years. However, I was also able to finish the second project just under the bell for the Challenge.

The words "solar seaweed" atop a rendered image of the artificial kelp.

Artificial kelp (Solar Seaweed) is my own design from research into sustainable energy systems. It is a combination of flexible photovoltaic solar panels and piezoelectric materials that mimics natural seaweed to harvest power from waves and sunlight without pollution or byproducts. Because it functions just as natural kelp forests would, it can also be used to provide protected fish nurseries where industrialization and overfishing have denuded reefs. I use the prototype in my STEMulate Learning workshops to illustrate the entire design cycle from concept through to product.