Strangers asking for your money

When a stranger asks you for money, you need to know that they can and will deliver what they promise in return. I make everything completely transparent so that you will see exactly what is created through your gifts to my project in the 2012 #SciFund Challenge. Better still, I would prefer that you regularly visit my STEMulate Learning Blog ( so that we will no longer be strangers!

A 3D Printed robot with arms outstretched in a welcoming guesture.

Being strangers is curable!

As in Round 1 of the #SciFund Challenge, I will be providing a detailed accounting of how I invest your gifts ( and will continue to provide updates as your generosity makes my research possible. Round 1’s ongoing results are tweeted out every week via the program’s Twitter account (@STEMulateOrg) and I will use the same system to let Round 2’s supporters watch the results of their gifts as well!

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