Scooping the #SciFund Challenge!

ScreenCap of the #SciFund page at Scoop.It.Not only am I taking part in the SciFund Challenge – I’m also a curator! Over the next few days, I will discuss the various types of social media that we are setting up for the participants in RocketHub‘s 2012 #SciFund Challenge Round 2.

The first general type of social media for SciFund is an interesting evolution of topic expertise termed topic curation. Instead of seeking out individual experts in a particular field, social media allows us to locate topic curators who in turn draw from the expertise of dozens, even hundreds of experts to filter out just the best gems of information for their followers.

Many curation services exist, each with its own unique manner of presenting curated information to followers: PearlTrees, Storify, Paper.Li, Twylah and others such as the Scoop.It platform.

Scoop.It supports commercial and educational users with fee-based services, but topic curation for individuals is free. Because I have an educational account supporting my classes, I can share curation of my topics with other curators to ensure that the best coverage is possible and to cover curation during holidays and vacations. Visitors and other Scoop.It curators can also suggest new posts, which the curator receives for moderation before being posted to the topic site.

Like many other sites, Scoop.It includes re-Scooping from other curators and posting abilities for Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, FaceBook Pages, and WordPress blogs (personal or

Because the #SciFund Challenge includes researchers from around the world, media coverage will also be multinational and drawn from many different news services, blogs, video sharing services and research journals. By using Scoop.It, I am able to represent all of the work from our participants located around the globe in a single cohesive interface. Visitors don’t see only my own work from the STEMulate Learning project, but are provided with a rich display of all curated articles spanning all #SciFund projects.

Visit the #SciFund topic on Scoop.It:
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