STEMulate Learning Continues past #SciFund Challenge

The original #SciFund Challenge provided the STEMulate Learning project with equipment that is currently supporting the World Community Grid (WCG), working on globally impacting issues such as disease treatments, fresh water resources, and clean energy technologies.

STEMulate Learning workshops have used distributed computing systems such as the WCG to teach young learners the value of small efforts added together with others to achieve meaningful goals – much like the Crowdfunding efforts supporting STEMulate Learning and other projects in the #SciFund Challenge this past year.

STEMulate Learning is not stopping, but attempted a second RocketHub project called the “Santa Clause Learning Machine.”

This project aought to obtain an open-source community-developed 3D printer called a “Thing-o-Matic” for use in workshops, allowing young learners to go beyond merely drawing out their ideas – but to create them as actual objects! 3D printers transform designs in a computer into physical form that learners can take home, show off, and use to investigate what comes next based on their dreams and fanciful ideas. We have developed a complete STEM education program around 3D printed robots for personalized classes – take a look at our #SciFund Challenge crowdfunding project on RocketHub!

Tell your friends, and stop by the next phase of this exciting learning effort supported by individuals interested in guiding innovators of the future towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)! Watch for our #SciFund Round 2 project in the next few weeks!

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