RocketHub #SciFund Challenge!

The first STEMulate Learning #SciFund Challenge through RocketHub did not reach its overall goal, but the STEMulate Learning project was still successful!

Thanks to the generosity of our fuelers, we raised $122 in donations along with donated computer components from two older systems.

  • Total Donations: $122
  • RocketHub Fees: 4% service fee + 4% processing fee + 4% failure to reach goal penalty = 12% total fees ($4.88 x3 =  $14.64) to RocketHub site
  • Funding provided to STEMulate Learning: $107.36

Taking the donated components together with my older i5 Intel processor, the system lacked only RAM and a CPU cooler to become a functional World Computing Grid node. Missing items obtained from NewEgg during post-Christmas sales:

  • Corsair 240-pin RAM ($77.99)
  • Cooler Master 120mm CPU Cooler (29.04)
  • Total Components Cost: $107.03

Node continues to work towards solutions for global issues, tweeting its ongoing successes (@STEMulateOrg), and we are preparing for #SciFund – Round 2!

Thanks to all of our fuelers at RocketHub! Your generosity is working to solve global issues even as the STEMuate Learning project works on additional measures to interest young students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) studies!