Why build STEMulate Learning Labs?

I am trying to eliminate the bureaucracy and put all donated monies towards equipment children will have available in their schools, so that they can directly use the project’s results rather than only read about or see them from afar. Idle computing power will be spent supporting WCG research projects, but teachers and students will be able to use the lab as a living/learning tool anytime.

If I can fund the lab, I have a group of grad students and educators willing to help develop lessons that can be used to couple WCG projects to age-appropriate classroom instructions. These, plus the step-by-step guide for setting up a local version and joining the extended project will be made available without cost so that teachers around the world can take part.

The first lab will illustrate what is possible and give teachers a model to show to their administration. If the project reaches its full funding goal, several news services say they will consider the story to help elevate its public reach.

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